National Maintenance Week: don’t get caught out this winter


This year’s National Maintenance Week will take place from 18 November to 25 November and highlights to building owners the significance of regular upkeep of their property. The annual campaign has important messages for anyone responsible for the maintenance of a building, whether a homeowner, landlord or business owner.

As winter approaches, the maintenance of a building becomes of increasing importance. Leaks, damp, lighting, heating, security… the list of areas that need attention goes on. Any one of these issues can cause serious problems to a building, its occupants and the finances of whoever is responsible for the building.

Freezing temperatures during winter is the most common cause of burst pipes, so having a plumber check your plumbing system is in good condition and properly insulated is a must. Having your heating system looked at to check it is functioning properly should also become a priority. With the longer nights setting in now the clocks have gone back, adequate lighting and security systems are other key areas that need consideration.

Heavy rain is an added hazard during winter. Rainwater finding its way inside a building through roofs, walls and windows and door openings, can cause a lot of damage to the property and create unhealthy conditions for occupants.

Gutters and downpipes can frequently get blocked, often from a build-up of fallen leaves, which can be made worse by an increase in rainfall. National Maintenance Week 2016 will focus on damp and illustrate how property owners can save on costs by preventing it. The campaign will coincide with National Gutters Day on 25 November.

Dave Kieft, managing director of DRS Facilities Management, suggests getting your property fully checked for any current or potential maintenance problems by a professional engineer. Not only can this help to prevent unnecessary expenditure, but also ensure compliance with legislation.

If you need advice on how to ensure your building is ready for winter, contact us at DRS Facilities Management on 01792 277170.